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Helping those in need in our local communities


Helping Hand 2 U is a nonprofit organization dedicated to outreach and serving the needy in communities around Central Florida.  Our efforts include:

· Feeding and supplying the homeless and needy.

· Assisting the physically challenged with home or yard upkeep.

· Resourcing local schools, teachers, and students.

· Providing holiday meals and gift support for needy families.

· Supporting efforts to help homeless persons get off the streets.


Helping Hand 2 U is a public charity under IRC 501(c)3 supported by volunteers and donations.  Please consider supporting our efforts. Donate via Paypal

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Homeless Christmas

Christmas morning in downtown Orlando we fed the homeless at the International Plaza.  This was our final event sponsored by East Pointe Community Church.  About 100 people enjoyed hot food and picked up clothing, personal items, and snacks to go.


Hungry Sundays—Feeding the Homeless in downtown Orlando

Helping Hand 2 U sponsors feeding the homeless on 5th Sundays, about once each quarter.  We setup on N. Terry Ave around 11:00 am.  Our feedings on 29 May and 31 July 2022 provided hot food and personal supplies to over 100 people.  See pictures of this event.


Our next Hungry Sunday feeding is scheduled for 30 October 2022.  Anyone interested in helping should contact Carol at


Backpacks for the Homeless

We will be filling backpacks with snacks, water, personal items, food cards, and more to provide to the homeless.  Most supplies have been procured and we need volunteers to assemble the backpack kits.  These are provided by Helping Hand 2 U to persons in need, including those leaving incarceration with few possessions.

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